Trim run Max

Trim run Max

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Trim run Max

A concentrate produced using leaves removed from the harvested plant. Trim cuttings typically comprise the small sugar leaves that grow within the cannabis buds. Making butane hash oil (BHO) with trim has become a popular method for leveraging all parts of the cannabis plant and minimizing waste.

Get a House Shatter Blend. Exclusively from the House Strains. House only makes premium cannabis, and not enough of it. Actual images of this batch.

Which strains are in this Premium Trim Run Shatter? Batches vary

Return: 22-26%.

Potency: 70-85% THC.

The House just did it again—this time by bringing his legendary strains into the shatter game.

House Shatter – Premium Trim Run is a Salish Trails exclusive, and something that we’re super proud to offer. This shatter is a thing of beauty, as the photos can attest (actual photos of this batch). And it’s got more than just looks, this stuff is strong—each unit is guaranteed to be at least 70% THC.

In case you haven’t had the pleasure, the House is one of our exclusive growers, and his flower is truly top of the line. If you’ve sampled any of our batches of Grape Ape X Super Glue, Annihilator 2.0, Blue Space Cookies, or Blue Coma, you’ve tried his stuff (and probably had your socks knocked off). As a matter of fact, this shatter is derived from a blend of all of those strains, meaning that you’re getting all of his masterpieces in one awesome package. The ratio of individual strains may vary from unit to unit, but they’re all quality, and all guaranteed to please.
Shatter is a cannabis concentrate that extracts all of a flower’s awesome cannabinoids into a convenient resiny oil (commonly known as hash oil). The House shatter is a representative product: rich amber in colour, beautifully clear, and (when cold) it has the consistency of fine glass. House Shatter is best enjoyed in a specialized rig, but could also be smoked on its own or added to flower to spice up a joint.

If you thought any of the House strains were potent on their own, you’re in for a treat. House Shatter Premium Trim Run is a product that will make even the most veteran smoker watch his tokes.

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