Broad Spectrum CBD (T-Free) Distillate

Broad Spectrum CBD (T-Free) Distillate

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Broad Spectrum CBD (T-Free) Distillate

Made in USA.  Processed with precision pharmaceutical-grade molecular distillation technology.  Broad Spectrum is carefully refined to remove all THC molecules.  Distillate oil contains 80-90% CBD in addition to other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, and other terpenes, without the chlorophyll and other heavier components that affect color and flavor.

Farm Bill Compliant.  Available in all U.S. states and provinces (USA and Canada).

Total Cannabinoid: 82-95%

CBD: 80-90%

CBC: 3-6%

CBG: 1-3%

Decarbed: Yes

Water Soluble: No

Color: Maple color

Viscosity: 355 cP at room temp

COA: Yes – provided

Hemp Origin: USA


Present cannabinoids:

  • CBD
  • d9 THC (only in Full)
  • CBG
  • CBC
  • CBN
  • Terpenes (non-psychoactive)



Packaged in UV Glass.  Patented UV filtering technology preserved food and supplements longer than other amber glass or plastics.  Light-proof with airtight seal.

Glass container is 3.6″ x 7.8″ (W x H) and 2.9″ wide mouth opening.

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1 IB (453g), 1/2 IB (226g), 1/4 IB (113g), 1oz (28g)


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